Enhancing Safety: Tesla Introduces Emergency Rear Door Release in Model 3 Highland

Tesla's Innovative Safety Feature Ensures Rear Door Access Even in Power Outages

In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing safety measures, Tesla has introduced a new feature in its Model 3 Highland – the emergency rear door release function. This innovative addition ensures that even in the event of a power outage, passengers can easily access the rear doors of the vehicle.

What Tesla Says

According to the Model 3 owner’s manuals available in countries where the Highland redesign is offered, Tesla has incorporated manual door release mechanisms at the bottom of the rear door storage pockets. These manual door releases come with protective plastic covers that must be removed if the vehicle loses power. Once the cover is removed, users will find a mechanical release cable that can be effortlessly pulled to open the rear door.

Tesla provides clear instructions in the refreshed Model 3 owner’s manuals under “Opening and Closing > Doors”:

  • You can open a rear door manually in the unlikely situation in which Model 3 has no power:
  1. Remove the cover from the bottom of the rear door pocket.
  2. Pull the mechanical release cable forward.

Front Seat Latches

It’s worth noting that these new rear-door releases complement similar latches in the front seats, positioned just in front of the window switches. Unlike the rear manual door release, the front release latches do not feature a cover. Tesla’s decision to include a cover in the rear may be a precautionary measure to prevent unauthorized access by children or rear passengers while the vehicle is in motion.

Global Availability

While it remains uncertain whether the manual rear door releases will be standard in North American versions of the new Model 3, it’s evident that they are not included in the manuals for older iterations of the sedan, including the pre-Highland models in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. This safety enhancement is part of several design changes introduced in the updated sedan, slated for delivery in some markets as early as October. Although Tesla’s North American order configurators do not yet display the Highland Model 3, speculation suggests it may become available in early 2024.

A Milestone Achievement

Last week marked a significant milestone for Tesla, as the company rolled out its 5 millionth vehicle – a Highland Model 3 manufactured at the Gigafactory in Shanghai, China.

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