Lexus To Launch Its First UX 300e EV In Europe

Lexus has announced that it’s first electric vehicle, the UX 300e, will be coming to select markets in Europe by the end of this year. The small SUV will come with a 54.3 kWh air-cooled battery, that Lexus is saying will provide 400 km (249 miles) of range. Impressively, the company will provide a 10-year or 1 million km battery warranty, which is quite reassuring for a first model.

The brand, which is known for its reliable and well-built cars, has been working on hybrid technology for over 15 years. They released their first hybrid, the RX 400h, in 2005. However, this is their first EV, which has only been for sale in China so far.

As a measure of the brand’s confidence in its all-electric vehicle technology, Lexus is offering a 10-year (or 1,000,000 km) service warranty on all functional defects of the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) main battery and capacity degradation below 70%

Where this vehicle marks a milestone for Lexus, and impresses with its large battery warranty, it is no performance machine. The front-wheel drive UX 300e has a 150 kW motor, that will make 0-100 km/h (62mph) in 7.5 seconds. Which, to be fair, is right on par with the (also air-cooled) Nissan Leaf.

Additionally, the Lexus have fitted an on-board 6.6 kW charger, and say that DC fast charging up to 50 kW is available. Again, this doesn’t really impress, but falls in line with the expectation of a small, more luxurious, Nissan Leaf competitor. Regardless, I’m a fan of Lexus, and am happy to see them throwing their hat in the ring.

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