Pending NY State Bill Would Allow 4Xs the Number Of Tesla Stores

Amid various reports of states banning the direct sales of Tesla vehicles, comes a story of one who is going in the opposite direction. The state of New York is looking to pass a piece of legislation that would allow a 4x increase in Tesla stores.

Tesla currently has five stores in the state of New York. New York’s Assembly Majority Leader, Joseph Morelle (D-Rochester), the sponsor of the bill, calls for an increase of “certificates of registration for entities that manufacture or assemble zero-emissions vehicles.”

The bill would “authorize 20 certificates with at least five to be located in certain upstate regions,” which according to Morelle, would include Albany and Buffalo.

The bill would be facing an uphill battle, however. Previously the NY state legislature passed a bill limiting Tesla to just five stores, which was attributed to pressure from a dealership group. With Tesla’s direct to consumer sales model that forgo the need for a dealership, it’s easy to see why there would be a bit of opposition to the expansion of more Tesla stores.

The bill has yet to pass the referral point, but is sitting at a critical juncture as we are on the eve of the start of production on the Model 3. Tesla hopes the New York bill will pass by June 21, the final day on the state assembly’s calendar.

Having a large number of additional store planned would definitely help to get the Model 3 into more people’s homes in the following years!

SOURCE | Green Car Reports

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