Polestar and Koenigsegg Meet for A Laid-Back Hangout

After the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show, two of Sweden’s most prominent car companies, Koenigsegg and Polestar, regretted they had missed the opportunity to rub elbows. Well, fortunately for us all, the two finally got together for a very relaxed video shoot with the Koenigsegg Gemera and the Polestar Precept.

The heads of each company, Christian Von Koenigsegg and Thomas Ingenlath, each brought their lead designers and their new four-seat show stoppers to a central point in Sweden. From there, the guys all sat around and talked shop, while videographers got on with shooting some B-roll of their cars.

It’s a strange vibe for sure, the guys aren’t wearing masks, and they sit normal distance from one-another, being Sweden that’s allowed. The Gemera and Precept’s design are the main topic of discussion, seeing as how they’re both radical four-seat performance cars.

At one point, Koenigsegg mentions how there must have been something in the water, for two companies from a small country intending to bring these cars to Geneva. With no B-pillars, four seats and integrated seat-belts, Ingenlath points out that a description of each could share 80% of their words.

While the Precept is of course, not a production car, the Gemera isn’t exactly high-volume either. Both also show a vision of the future from a root of innovation. Naturally, both rely on electrification for the amount of cabin space and power necessary.

You guy’s know I’m hugely biased towards Swedish companies, but this is some cool stuff. Now we need to find out who didn’t give Christian the memo on black shirts.

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