Rivian Software Update 2023.34.0 Unveiled: Enhanced Features Await R1 Owners

Discover the Latest Upgrades and Improvements in Rivian's Highly Anticipated Software Update

The anticipation is over for Rivian R1T and R1S owners as the software update 2023.34.0 begins its rollout in batches. Rivian enthusiasts are in for a treat, with a slew of new features and improvements bundled into this eagerly awaited update.


One of the standout enhancements in this update is the introduction of two new set speed options for Rivian’s highway assist (HWA) and adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems. The first option, known as “Speed Limit,” is set to become the new default. When selected, it configures the vehicle’s speed to match the detected speed limit of the road you’re traveling on. However, if your current speed exceeds the detected speed limit, the vehicle will maintain your current speed when you engage ACC or HWA. To switch to the detected speed limit, simply push the drive stalk down for 0.5 seconds after engagement, and then release, seamlessly aligning your speed with the road’s limit.

The second option, “Current Speed,” allows you to set your vehicle’s speed to match your current velocity at the moment of engagement. This option provides more control for drivers who prefer to have their speed independent of the detected road limit.


Another exciting addition in this software update is the new drive mode feature. R1T and R1S owners can now select their preferred drive mode using the “Plan a trip” option under Trip Preferences. With this feature, Rivian R1 vehicles will take into account the chosen drive mode when calculating the range and necessary charging stops for a trip. This enhancement promises to make long journeys even more efficient and tailored to the driver’s preferences.


Beyond the new set speed options and drive mode feature, Rivian has made significant improvements to the R1T and R1S models with this update. Notably, the update brings a remarkable 25% reduction in range loss during sleep mode when the R1 vehicle is at home and Gear Guard is set to Off or disabled. This improvement enhances energy efficiency and extends the vehicle’s range when it’s not in use.

Moreover, Driver+ now provides preemptive warnings in situations where reduced lane line visibility might affect the performance of Highway Assist. This advanced safety feature ensures that drivers stay informed and can take appropriate action when needed.

Additionally, R1 owners will now receive notifications if their vehicles detect a 12 V battery issue. This proactive alert system helps drivers address potential battery concerns promptly, ensuring the continued reliability of their Rivian R1.

In conclusion, Rivian’s software update 2023.34.0 brings a host of exciting enhancements and improvements to R1T and R1S owners. From the convenience of new set speed options to the efficiency of the drive mode feature, this update enhances the overall Rivian ownership experience. Moreover, the improved range and safety features demonstrate Rivian’s commitment to delivering top-notch performance and peace of mind to its dedicated customer base.

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