Terrifying Moment Tesla Model S Plaid Crashes Into Barrier At 170MPH – Driver Walks Away

YouTuber, Chet, recently posted a video to his channel “Chillin With Chet” where he took out his Tesla Model S Plaid on that track after upgrading the brakes, but things didn’t end the way he had planned.

Chet decided to upgrade his brakes to an Unplugged Performance big brake kit after noticing some brake fade and rotor warping. Once the upgrade was done, Chet took his Model S Plaid to the track to test them out.

With the car stripped out and the 1020hp, it can do a quarter mile in 9.09 seconds, and unfortunately for Chet, when he took the car out, he lost control and ended up colliding with a tyre wall. There was no roll cage in the car, the airbags had been disconnected and no harness. He was also not wearing a race suit or helmet and was travelling at 170 mph so it was incredible that he was able to walk away from the accident, although he did sustain five broken ribs, a torn ACL and a fractured knee.

Chet believes the accident was due to the DOT3 brake fluid not being flushed properly which you hear him mention briefly in the lead up to the crash. Chet assures fans that it wasn’t down to Unplugged Performance’s product.

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