Tesla Cybertruck Modifications Give Off Major Ute Vibes

As the Tesla Cybertruck launch event captured the world’s attention last November, many took to their computers to both speculate, and later amend, on its controversial design. As far off as many of those early predictions were, some hit closer to their mark. As time went on, the Cybertruck started warming up to everybody, and many wanted to see its design language applied to other models.

This design render from UK artist, Khyzyl Saleem, takes the now iconic lines of the Cybertruck and expands upon them. In a rugged, off-road ute, style of vehicle, this redesign takes the lowest ride-height of the Cybertruck, and adds fenders, roll-cage, and a pair of spares under the bed.

Saleem drew upon trophy trucks, adding some curvature to the design where he thought fit, but keeping the side profile. He says that his version was inspired by the famous Gruppo Bertone, the mid-century Italian car designers.

From above, you can see that he kept the largely open roof of the Cybertruck, allowing for the open space architecture which has been acclaimed by those who have sat inside of the Cybertruck prototype. Largely, his modifications seem attainable, and give a glimpse at what aftermarket Cybertruck mods may look like in the coming decade.

Personally, I’ve thought about what peak Cybertruck will look like. Where it likely won’t immediately be the most-owned truck in America, surely it will sell in as large of quantities as Tesla can manufacture them. In that case, will the back of every large parking lot have as many Cybertrucks as they have F-150s today? If they do, than heavily modding your truck, like the one Saleem has shown here, may be the best way to find your vehicle in the herd.

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