Tesla Cybertruck Reservations Surpass 2 Million Mark, Unveiling Staggering Demand

Discover the Fascinating Reservation Trends and Potential Revenue of Tesla's Upcoming Electric Pickup

There’s no denying the buzz surrounding the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck in the electric vehicle (EV) community. However, what’s truly astounding is the staggering number of reservations it has amassed before its official launch. A community-driven Google Sheets reservation tracker, initiated following the Cybertruck’s grand unveiling in 2019, now reveals that the Cybertruck has exceeded a whopping two million customer reservations, and the numbers are still climbing.

As of the moment, this meticulous spreadsheet shows a total of 47,326 self-reported reservations, neatly categorized under the “Cybertruck” and “Other Reservations” tabs. What’s truly remarkable is the methodology behind these statistics; it’s not just about self-reports. The data combines self-reported reservations with the sequencing of reservation numbers and insights from none other than Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, as documented in the “Q&A” tab. This holistic approach reveals an astonishing estimate of potential revenue, with figures soaring as high as $152.13 billion. Deposits alone account for a staggering $201 million.

Delving deeper into the data, we discover intriguing preferences among the potential Cybertruck owners. Among the various trims available – single-motor, dual-motor, tri-motor, and quad-motor – the dual-motor configuration reigns supreme, emerging as the most popular choice. The tri-motor configuration follows closely behind as the second most favored option. Surprisingly, the single-motor and quad-motor trims trail behind significantly, collectively representing only 8.12% and 8.65% of total reservations, respectively.

Furthermore, the Google Sheet provides insights into reservation holders who have opted for Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities for their future Cybertrucks, with a majority accounting for just over 67% of all reservations.

For a comprehensive breakdown of reservation preferences, including trim categories and FSD additions, refer to the Cybertruck reservation tracker.

TrimTrim ReservationsPercent Trim^TrimFSD ReservationPercent FSD
Quad Motor (started 12/4/21)15608.65%Quad Motor (started 12/4/21)107568.91%

^Percentages based on scaling Quad-Motor reservations

Remarkably, this reservation tracker achieved the one-million-unit milestone back in 2021 and soared to nearly 1.9 million units by July of the current year. Elon Musk, ever the advocate, has consistently emphasized the overwhelming demand for the Cybertruck, going as far as saying, “it’s so off the hook, you can’t even see the hook.” It’s crucial to note that reservation holders have the flexibility to withdraw their reservations at any point, requiring only a $100 refundable deposit. However, even if a significant number of reservations are canceled, the potential buyer pool remains substantial based on these staggering figures.

With Tesla still in the pre-production phase for the Cybertruck, the high demand inevitably translates into extended waiting periods, despite the initial expectation of deliveries commencing in 2021. Nevertheless, this remarkable level of anticipation underscores the immense interest in this unique electric pickup. Recent sightings of pre-production Cybertrucks out in the wild suggest that the moment of initial deliveries may be just around the corner.

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