Tesla Model S Destroyed After Falling Off Cliff – Owner Walks Away Unscathed

A recent incident involving a Tesla Model S P90D in Puerto Rico has captured the attention of the online electric vehicle community, including CEO Elon Musk, who liked a Twitter post describing the aftermath.

A Tesla Model S P90D’s wreck was tweeted by the company, and electric vehicle enthusiast Elias Sobrino Najul shared photos of it on Twitter. The accident appeared to be severe, as seen in the pictures, which appear to have been taken after emergency responders removed portions of the car. Any automobile that is less safe than a Tesla may have resulted in something far more devastating for the driver. However, amazingly, this Tesla driver walked away with just a scrape on his arm.

Some may find the notion of a Tesla protecting its passengers after falling off a cliff ludicrous, but it has actually occurred previously. A Model 3 was involved in a major accident on Highway 18 between Snow Valley and Big Bear Dam in Southern California in June. According to officials’ accounts, the vehicle appeared to be going at an unsafe speed, resulting in it falling off the side of a mountain. The fall was 100 feet deep.

Despite plummeting nine stories and coming to a stop vertically on the mountain slope, the Tesla Model 3 succeeded in protecting its occupants. The wreck of the Tesla Model 3 allowed all four passengers to exit the vehicle. They were subsequently airlifted to a hospital nearby for treatment of minor and moderate injuries. Similar to last month’s incident involving the Tesla Model S in Puerto Rico, the California incident demonstrated that Teslas are exceptionally durable vehicles.

Teslas can actually withstand a lot of damage while protecting their passengers. This is due in part to their massive weight, low center of gravity, and large crumple zones as a result of their lack of an internal combustion engine. This was made clear in a collision in 2019, when a Tesla Model S collided with another vehicle head-on in Barcelona, Spain. Following the traumatic smash, which resulted in the person who rammed into the Tesla tragically dying, the Model S driver can be seen exiting his car after the accident confused but otherwise unharmed.

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