Tesla Model S Plaid Destroys $3.6 Million Bugatti Chiron In Drag Race

The Tesla Model S Plaid has surprised and impressed fans since its release with the incredible 0-62 mph time of just 1.99 seconds and at-the-time record breaking lap times.

So, with this being said, it wouldn’t be a huge shock to see the Model S Plaid dominating on drag strips, however, this video from DragTimes shows the Tesla taking on a $3.6 million Bugatti Chiron at the triple F Raceway.

The 1,020 horsepower Model S Plaid went up against the 1,500 horsepower Chiron and was able to leave the legendary hypercar behind. The Bugatti was much slower off the mark during the first race but was able to quickly close the gap but it wasn’t enough to be the EV. In the second race we saw a better start from the Bugatti so ended in a tie with the Tesla. The third race saw the Tesla win once again with an incredibly quick start.

When the Tesla Model S Plaid was unveiled in 2021, CEO Elon Musk, claimed that it was the fastest production car. Musk said:

“I think engineering that is practically alien,”

Musk also claimed that it would be faster than any Porsche, which for a long time it was however, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S recently broke the Model S Plaid’s Nurburgring record.

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