Tesla Model S Tops Longest Range List Amongst Electric Cars

When electric vehicles first became available for the general public, I was intrigued by the concept but unimpressed with the range. I work from home, but my wife, who would be the one purchasing an electric vehicle if she wanted, has a 100-mile round trip commute five days a week.

At the time, the only EV that was readily available was the Nissan Leaf, which that year had an EPA official range of 73 miles. Since my wife’s workplace did not have chargers, that would put her in a pretty bad situation on her 100-mile commute. Even the 2016 Leaf model only has an EPA range of 107 miles, which means any AC in the summer was pretty much off the books.

Fast forward to 2017, and Tesla now has a car that can do an EPA rated 335 miles. The Model S and X 100D models were delayed a few weeks, but they finally started to ship last month and became the world’s longest-range all electric vehicle. The breakdown between city and highway range is as follows:

  • City range: 331.1 miles (532.8 km)
  • Highway range: 337.2 miles (542.6 km)
  • Combined range: 335 miles (539.1 km)

As far as efficiency, the 100D gets a combined 102 MPGe for city and highway, which put it below the Model S 90D in terms of efficiency (104 MPGe). When looking at other makes, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric is the clear-cut winner, with a 124-mile range on a 28 kWh battery pack for a total of 134 MPGe.

Top Electric Car Range

  1. Tesla Model S: 259-315 Miles
  2. Tesla Model X: 237-289 Miles
  3. Chevy Bolt: 238 Miles
  4. VW e-Golf: 124 Miles
  5. Hyundai Ioniq Electric: 124 Miles
  6. Ford Focus Electric: 115 Miles
  7. BMW i3: 114 Miles
  8. Kia Soul EV: 100 Miles
  9. Chevy Spark EV: 82 Miles

Don’t think for one second that all these figures mean that the 100D is a boring vehicle, though. Even though it may not have the outrageous performance of the P models, the 100D still has a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds, which is still nothing to scoff at. Top Speed remains limited to 155 MPH.

So if you have the money and 2.4 second 0-60 times aren’t the most important thing to you, and 335 miles sounds like an incredible amount of range for one charge, then the Model S 100D is the car for you!

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