Tesla News: Chevy, Ford, And Ram Trucks Get Body Shamed By The Cybertruck

Sandy Munro, one of the more likeable characters on the internet, and the head of Munro & Associates, a company that reverse-engineers products and does reports on their findings, has a new video out. Starting a series based on the Tesla Cybertruck, he compares elements of its design and construction to 2020 models of the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado 1500, and Dodge Ram 1500.

In his first video, Munro takes to the shop floor to dissect the bodywork and chassis design related to the Cybertruck’s exoskeleton construction and stainless-steel body. Of course, the unique thing about Tesla’s future vehicle, is that those are one in the same.

When comparing the steel design of the Cybertruck to the aluminium body-on-frame of the other models, one insane take away was the imperfections on the bodywork of the F-150. The whiskers and dimples near the door-handles were something that I would never have noticed, admittedly because I’ve just become accustomed to them.

However, when Sandy points them out as a flaw, that the Cybertruck likely won’t have, they can’t be unseen.

The Honda Ridgeline, was also mentioned, interestingly enough as a unibody comparison to the Cybertruck, something that’s overlooked by many. Admittedly, who has ever been too interested in the Ridgeline, but when seeing it spoken well of by Sandy, than you have to give it another look. From what I gather, the unibody is a disadvantage where the Ridgeline is concerned, because it forces compromise between rigidity and comfort.

The Cybertruck, on the other hand, benefits from the unibody, because it is also an exoskeleton design with air-suspension. Furthermore, the biggest deal, as Munro puts it, is the lack of paint on the Cybertruck.


Munro actually worked on the DeLorean, for what it’s worth, and says the lack of paint will save hundreds of millions of dollars in paint shop implementation. As for Tesla, paint has been a weak point, which is something Munro has pointed out in past videos.

This series likely won’t paint a very good picture for these mainstream truck manufacturers. Of course, I’m biased, but Sandy Munro knows what he is talking about, and anyone with doubts shouldn’t be caught challenging his expertise.

P.S. Sandy, we miss your face!

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