Tesla News: Land For Cybertruck Factory Acquired Outside of Austin Texas

Tesla has been courted by at least Tulsa and Austin for several months in relation to their upcoming Cybertruck factory. The company wanted a large facility in the central US, and now they have just that. The Austin, Texas “Terafactory” has officially been announced, as a plot of land has been purchased.

The $5 million dollar plot of land measures 2,100 acres just outside of Austin. It currently houses a gravel quarry, and will hopefully enter construction in a shockingly short amount of time. In fact, Tesla anticipates the factory will start production of Model Y crossovers by the end of the year.

Much to the chagrin of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tesla has begun talks with Austin officials to secure about $60 million in tax incentives. They recently filed with the local school district to defer property taxes for a several year period.

Tesla is evaluating the possible development, design, and construction of an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Travis County within the Austin Green property. This site is approximately 2,100 acres and located at the intersections of SH-130 and Harold Green Road. The property is currently a sand and gravel mining site owned and operated by Martin Marietta and Texas construction projects. The Martin Marietta assets will operate for a period of time but will be relocated in the future to allow for buildout of the site. The timeline for the relocation will be determined at a later date.

If all goes well, the construction will begin next quarter. As said before, Tesla don’t play when it comes to factory construction speed. They’ve only practiced more and more since the blistering installation of their Shanghai factory, and the commencement of their Berlin site.

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