Tesla News: Model 3 Convertibles Coming To A Town Near You

Finally, what we ALL have been waiting for, a way to get a Model 3, where we can truly appreciate the clean atmosphere we’re helping to produce. Thanks to Newport Convertible Engineering, any Model 3 owner can get their top removed, and a soft one put in its place.

Send it away for two-three months (we all know Tesla owners are capable of waiting that long), and NCE will have it back to you with either a manual or automatic closing soft-top.

The company has decades of experience with convertible modifications, and even though it’s headquartered out of Huntington Beach, California, they have eight locations around the world. Which eliminates most of the stress associated with shipping your vehicle long distances.

What better way to experience your zero-emissions car than with the roof down–enjoying the silence, the sounds of nature and the wind in your hair?

In the past, NCE has converted a wide range of luxury vehicles and eco-friendly cars into convertibles, from a Mercedes G-Wagon to a Toyota Prius. Something tells me their Tesla package will sell considerably better though.

The manual top has a price tag of $29,500, where the automatic will cost you $39,500. You will still need to supply the car of course. Also, nothing is said about how this could affect range, if it will at all.

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