Tesla News: Model 3 Steering Wheel Detaches During Drive

In a terrifying Twitter post, UK Tesla owner, Jason Tuatara, shared an image of his new Model 3’s steering wheel, detached from the rest of the car. He claims that the vehicle, which he received just over a month ago, fell apart at the end of his commute. To make matters worse, the vehicle was in motion!

The vehicle, which had its delivery delayed due to Covid, had only 340 miles put on it by the owner. Luckily, he didn’t have this happen at high speeds, but instead in his driveway as he was pulling in. The idea of your wheel disconnecting from the steering column is something straight out of a slapstick comedy, but not funny at all in real life.

According to the NY Post, “Tesla confirmed that the steering wheel was not fixed to the body of the car with a bolt, and they are looking into what happened on production. The Driving and Cecile standards agency here in the UK is also doing a full investigation.”

This is far from the first time that Tesla has received flak for their lack of quality control. It seems like every vehicle they release has a rocky start in the QC department. Where most of the negative attention centers around the self-driving gaffs or body panels being misaligned, this incident is unique.

From now on, I wouldn’t think anything of giving the steering wheel a quick tug before departing on a drive.

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