Tesla News: TikTok User Shows New Model 3 Spaghetti Mode

I’m always blown away by what Tesla adds to their vehicles with OTA updates. First it was video games, then it was performance upgrades. Now, it’s what we’re unofficially calling “Spaghetti Mode.”

TikTok user @londonlaz has filmed a demonstration using his “mom’s” Model 3. We’re not sure if this has rolled out to all Model 3 specs, or if it will come to other Tesla vehicles any time soon. One thing is clear, it suits the white interior especially well.


bone apple tea

♬ Italian Dinner Party – Italian Restaurant Music of Italy

“Bone apple tea,” as Laz says. What a goof. I’m sure many of you have children who would love to have some fun with your car’s new spaghetti mode. Perhaps you could have a fun little family dinner/ movie night at a fast-charger?

In all seriousness, imagine the pain it would be to clean this mess up. Forget the red stains, how about the smell? We all know the pain of a dropped piece of cheeseburger between your seats, making your car smell like meat for weeks. Garlic sauce splatted on your back seat would be so nasty.

Maybe leaving the car in Dog Mode would help the smell not bake in under the hot sun. Whatever’s the case, if this starts a trend, I’m never going to show my face in public again. I hope you all got a little chuckle out of this.

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