Tesla Now the 4th Most Valuable Car Company In the World

In the past few months, we have seen periods where Tesla’s stock surged dramatically. During this time Tesla jumped past Ford and GM and in the past 2 weeks, Tesla’s market capitalization is now worth more than BMW’s (albeit only briefly).

With this current leap past BMW, Tesla has become the fourth most valuable car company in the world. A quick search through Google Finance yesterday showed that BMW was valued at $61.2 billion while Tesla came in valued at $61.6 billion, an incredible feat considering the number of deliveries made between the two companies during the span of the previous year (2 million for BMW vs 80,000 for Tesla).

In fact, according to venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 is already poaching sales from the BMW 3-Series even before a single Model 3 has even left the factory floor:

At this point, the only companies coming in higher than Tesla are Toyota, Daimler, and Volkswagen. When viewing these number based solely off of units moved in the past year, it makes no sense why Tesla would be valued higher than BMW. But investors are clearly buying into Tesla’s claim to produce 1 million cars by 2020, and with the mass-market Model 3 starting production soon, Tesla’s ambitions are looking to be closer to a reality.

Another reason why it’s difficult to compare Tesla to other automakers is that Tesla is not just an automaker anymore. Tesla is currently on a mission to own the entire energy process from generation and storage all the way to consumption. With the adoption of Tesla’s Powerwalls and Solar Roofs, it’s easy to see why investors value Tesla higher than an automaker that focuses just on cars.

SOURCE | Electrek

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