Tesla Planning To Release In-Car App For Solar Roof/Powerwall Monitoring

Picture yourself sitting in your Model 3 in heavy rush hour traffic. You’re bored to tears, so you start scrolling through your car’s console. You cycle through music, some readouts of your car, the weather, and…your home’s Powerwall and solar roof info? That’s right, Tesla intends to put all your home’s power information right into your car so you can monitor on the go…literally.

Earlier last month, Tesla had updated its mobile app with new features to enable the monitoring of Tesla Powerwall and solar roof owners. Similar to what I personally use a the moment (the Sunpower app to monitor my home’s solar generation), the updated app will allow users to see where the power in their home is coming from; the grid, solar panels, or the Powerwall unit. It doesn’t appear to give users too much control, but at least you can see where your power is coming from and how much you consume.

Elon Musk responded to a tweet a few days ago confirming an in-car application of the same features:

As Tesla owners know, there is already a power consumption/usage app in the car for vehicle-related information, so we’re not sure how the new information will be presented; whether it will be as part of the existing app or a completely separate one.

This all ties into Musk’s vision of future Tesla customers having an entire Tesla ecosystem, with a Tesla car, Tesla solar (either a full roof or tiles), and one or more Powerwalls. It’s an attractive vision of the near future, but we’re still a little ways off as Tesla has not yet begun rolling out its solar roof/tiles and the new Powerwall 2.

SOURCE | Electrek

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