Tesla Solar Panels Have Arrived In Stores

If you’re interested in solar power for your home but don’t want to shell out all that dough for a Tesla Roof, then you have another option: the Tesla solar panels. And starting now, you can walk into select Tesla stores and buy these panels for yourself.

Last March, Tesla submitted a SEC filing which stated:

“We plan to reduce customer acquisition costs by cutting advertising spend and increasingly selling solar products in Tesla stores.”

Green Tech Media recently visited Tesla showrooms in Santa Monica, San Jose, Palo Alto, and Boston earlier in the year and mentioned that there were a few reference to Tesla’s solar products, with employees aware of the upcoming products, but not offering any sales pitches or other information.

Now, images are starting to pop up of people who have seen the actual panels displayed in Tesla stores:

CREDIT: ElectricCourrier (Honolulu, Hawaii)
CREDIT: raina0624 (Washington)

Tesla’s in-house solar panels differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a “sleek and low profile” design. Also available is the Tesla roof, which is aimed more at customers looking to replace an entire roof as opposed to simply adding a few panels.

The Tesla roof is a work of art; when viewed from afar, you would never know that is was a fancy Tesla solar roof. it looks just like any old roof that you wouldn’t ever take a second look at.

Expect more Tesla stores to start stocking up on solar panel displays and literature soon, especially as we await the launch of the Model 3!

SOURCE | Green Tech Media

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