Tesla’s Cybertruck Production-Ready Exterior Details Revealed In A Concept Art

Pick up trucks are about function and durability, so it’s no surprise that US pickup trucks are built to take almost anything that could be thrown at them. The intimidating physique of pick-up trucks like Ford F-150 Raptor is one of one major selling points of these things. 

Like the next-generation Roadster and Model 3 Performance, the Tesla Cybertruck is a vehicle designed to surpass the biggest competitors in its respective category. And yet just like every other truck in the pickup sector, an aggressive vehicle like the Cybertruck would also have to look just as aggressive, if not even more hostile, compared to its standard rivals. 


The very emphasis of Tesla on Cybertruck’s futuristic exterior is where the bashings come from. The critics say it too outwardly and it may fall short in functions like the truck missing a side mirror based from the launch last year. But to adhere to road rules, the Cybertruck is likely to have its side mirrors once the company starts its production. 

Based on the prototype, side mirrors appear to be unsuitable with the initial design, but concept art by a Tesla enthusiast and concept artist @AlwinArt has proven otherwise. In fact, this design is rather impressive.


The artist drew the mirrors while keeping the angular deign intact, and it goes without saying that the finished art is a modern vehicle that looks elegant and incredibly rugged. In a sense, it almost seems like a pickup that might be a threat of sorts for current trucks like the Ford F-150 Raptor or the RAM 1500 TRX.  

When the Cybertruck was launched, ardent EV buffs observed that it rendered typical pickup trucks look out-of-style. If Cybertruck’s development ends up looking close to the design uploaded by the Tesla fan, Elon Musk’s “future armored personnel carrier” could very well become a current benchmark for the automotive market.

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