Tesla’s Cybertruck Surge: New Sightings and Production Equipment Deliveries at Giga Texas

Latest Developments Surrounding the Tesla Cybertruck Unveiled: From Manufacturing Equipment Arrivals to Pre-Production Models and Record-Breaking Reservations

In recent sightings that have electrified the Tesla community, a fleet of Cybertrucks has emerged, making appearances on both public roads and within the confines of Tesla’s Austin, Texas Gigafactory. This intriguing development was further enhanced on a Monday, as a convoy of manufacturing equipment, seemingly destined for the Cybertruck production line, was observed being delivered to Giga Texas. These deliveries also included a fresh batch of pre-production models of the distinctive electric pickup.

The revelation unfolded through the lens of drone videographer Joe Tegtmeyer, who diligently documented this event. Tegtmeyer captured photos of the Cybertruck manufacturing equipment being transported on the back of a semi-truck and later released a comprehensive video of his drone’s reconnaissance mission. His footage not only showcased the equipment but also provided a glimpse of the Giga Texas factory’s surroundings, featuring a collection of Cybertrucks.

The equipment in question takes the form of a pair of pre-fabricated robotic assembly units, distinctly earmarked for the Cybertruck project. The containers housing this equipment bear the unmistakable label “CT Zone X,” leaving no doubt that these units are destined for integration into the Cybertruck production line.

Tegtmeyer’s keen eye also counted a total of five Cybertrucks scattered across the Giga Texas facility. Among them, three were stationed at the facility’s crash testing site, while two awaited their destiny in the outbound lot. This revelation comes on the heels of Tegtmeyer’s previous discovery, wherein he spotted two Cybertrucks outside the Giga Texas crash lab. Speculations suggest that Tesla might be conducting its own crash tests in advance of those mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). As of now, the Tesla Cybertruck still awaits NHTSA crash testing and the acquisition of a Certificate of Conformity, prerequisites for its official release.

Tesla achieved a significant milestone in July, as it successfully built its first Cybertruck at Giga Texas, a momentous achievement documented on X. Since then, the automaker has been diligently assembling several pre-production versions of the Cybertruck, laying the groundwork for its forthcoming official launch.

The saga of the Cybertruck’s journey unfolded further as sightings of camouflaged prototypes were witnessed leaving Giga Texas en masse, subsequently gracing public roads with their distinctive presence. These sightings have extended to various locations, including Tesla’s prestigious 50,000th Supercharger station in Roseville, California, and beyond to Hollister, California, the Las Vegas strip, and numerous other locales.

This flurry of activity at Giga Texas coincided with the Cybertruck’s triumphant achievement of surpassing two million reservations over a single weekend, as reported through a Google Sheets tally that meticulously tracks reservation numbers and self-reported pre-orders. This development has sparked fervent discussions among eager reservation holders, prompting speculation about the potential commencement of initial Cybertruck deliveries as early as October, while the prospect of full-scale production looms on the horizon, set for 2024.

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