Tesla’s Injuries 31% Higher Than Industry Average

Tesla is barreling toward their Model 3 launch, tentatively scheduled to begin this July, and as luck would have it, some bad news is coming to the light of day. A report from CBS This Morning claims that the tech giant’s incredible growth might be coming at the expense of worker safety.

The report shows that in the year of 2015, the number of recordable injuries that occurred at Tesla’s Fremont, CA factory was 31% higher than the industry average, while the rate of serious injuries was nearly double that of the industry average for the same year.

In the video, CBS’ Carter Evans spoke with a number of Tesla employees who are making the accusations:

“What’s the chief complaint here?” Evans asked.

“Injuries are number-one problem there,” Michael Sanchez said.

“Did you ever tell managers about this?” Evans asked.

“Managers and supervisors,” Sanchez said.

“And what’d they do?”

“Looked at me as a complainer,” Sanchez said.

Tesla appears to have rectified the issue, stating “We may have had some challenges in the past,” but with changes “we now have the lowest injury rate in the industry by far.” The full interview can be seen on Thursday, May 25th on CBS This Morning.

Hopefully, Tesla can implement the changes necessary to ensure worker safety and avoid a PR nightmare right on the eve of the Model 3 production start date. Getting everything ready to go for a major launch and meeting huge numbers is great, but not at the expense of worker safety.


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