Tesla’s Semi & Convoy Mode Creates Market From EU Commission’s Mobility Transport

Tesla may have a solid footing in the European market with Tesla Semi and its Convoy Mode as the EU Commission pushes for “sustainable and smart transportation” options. EU Commission’s program Sustainable and Smart Mobility Policy was launched last week. 

The approach centered on three main factors: sustainability, smart mobility, and durability. It contained targets for the passenger car sector, but also addressed the carbon neutralization of public transport and heavy-duty vehicles.  


The EU Commission aims to have at minimum 30 million zero-emission vehicles and 80 000  carbon-neutral trucks or heavy-duty trucks, such as the Tesla Semi, in service by 2030. It would  advocate a modification of the CO2 requirements for cars and vans in Europe by June 2021 and a  redesign of the carbon standards for heavy-duty vehicles by 2022. 

The EU Commission’s proposals for zero-emission lorries positioned Tesla Semi in a favorable  spot. In addition to being emission-free, the Tesla Semi also complies with EU regulation on the manufacture of vehicles. 

Last year the EU Parliament voted in support of a law requiring industrial capable vehicle firms to develop more aerodynamic, energy-efficient trucks. The legislation regarded a truck with 80-90 cm cabs and larger windshields for a better view of the road.  

The European Federation for Transport and Environment has published an example of the perfect heavy-duty vehicle configuration of the EU Parliament, which is quite close to that of the Tesla Semi. It seems that the stage has been prepared for Tesla in the implementation of the EU Commission and the EU Parliament’s Smart Mobility becomes effective. 


In line with Smart Mobility, the EU Commission needs to aggressively establish advantageous  environments for emerging technology. The Commission also announced that it would include “all the necessary legislative tools for validation of [new technologies].”  

Assistance for autonomous vehicles is clearly stated in the EU Commission’s plan, providing Tesla Semi another edge in the heavy-duty vehicle industry in Europe. Tesla’s advanced driver-assist program, Full Self-Driving, has been launched with certain limitations in Europe, although this could improve in the future.  

Tesla’s stand-alone tech technology would undoubtedly be included in the Semi, and one feature, in general, might be significant in the industry – Convoy Mode. When Tesla introduced the Semi back in 2017, Elon Musk announced that the Class 8 truck of the company was already capable of Convoy Mode, which would enable multiple Semis to be semi-autonomous near each other. Since then, Tesla’s FSD and Autopilot software have gone through tremendous upgrades, indicating that Convoy Mode has only improved.  

Sean Chenault, a trucking veteran, was impressed by Semi’s feature set and was especially  impressed by Convoy Mode: 

“Having autonomous vehicles, you don’t need to pay a driver, and you don’t need to worry about  hours of services.” 

The trucking business has recently been dealing with a lack of drivers owing mainly to safety  issues. Programs like Convoy Mode have become one promising solution to the problem of driver shortages.

Chenault also added “A good thing for the trucking industry as a whole.” This may have been a  good thing for the EU Commission to update the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Policy, especially  for lorries.  

Tesla as an all-electric car manufacturer will certainly benefit from the current approach of the EU  Commission. Tesla has also earned some more support in Europe over the years with Tesla Model  3. Next year maybe another fantastic year for Tesla in Europe with Giga Berlin and the arrival of Model Y in the country. Tesla could become a key player in the transport sector in the region with  the company’s Semi. 

EU Commission Mobility Stra… by Maria Merano


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