The Ford F-150 Plugin Hybrid Reported To Have Only 10 Miles Electric Range

Automakers are being forced to adopt some form of electrification. Ford promises 40 electrified vehicles by 2022, with 16 of these being purely electric and the rest being plugin hybrids. Obviously, Ford will focus on its most popular vehicles, with the most obvious of these being the F-150, the most popular car in America. News is in from Car and Driver that the next model will offer 10 miles of all-electric power.

Ford has confirmed than an entirely electric F-150 is on its way sometime soon with around 300 miles of range. This will be a huge win for the EV market as the ICE version of the truck is currently selling at a rate of 900,000 per year. With an EV version, Ford could very easily take top spot in the market.

Car and Driver writes:

“Ford also will offer the first plug-in hybrid in the half-ton-truck market, with an electric motor sandwiched between a turbo V-6 and a 10-speed auto. Electric range will probably exceed 10 miles, but only when commuting unladen. Do F-150 buyers really want a truck with a plug? Ford is doubling down that they will.”

While a hybrid F-Series truck will be of great interest to us, with a range of only ten miles, we are likely to be disappointed by its electric performance, especially when carrying a heavy load where the range will be even lower.

The Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid uses a 9 kWh to produce 26 miles of all-electric range. It sold averagely well last year with figures closing in on 7,500. The Escape will debut with 30 miles of electric range thanks to a 14.4 kWh battery.

Ford is yet to confirm any figures, but we’ll look forward to them shedding more light on the subject as we get closer to the car’s reveal.

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