Watch This Cheetah Mode Model S Dominate The Drag Strip

We’ve heard some crazy details about the new Cheetah Mode update that Tesla made to its Model S and X Performance variants last month. According to the company, the OTA update reduced the 0-60 time of the Model S from 2.5 to 2.3 seconds! Now we can see the update in action, as a Raven Model S races some ICE-muscle-cars at Tulsa Raceway.

After competition from Porsche’s Taycan, Tesla responded to criticism that their Ludicrous mode would deplete after the first use. Well, Cheetah mode fixes that problem, the update improves thermal performance, and lowers the front-suspension for takeoff.

With the lowered front, and dampened suspension, the car looks like a cheetah preparing to take off, hence its name. Well now, we see this poised sprinter setting record times at the Tulsa Raceway, since tracks are starting to open up again.

The video posted to Youtube channel, DragTimes, shows the upgraded EV racing a Trans-Am, and then a beefed up Mustang. As they prepare for the second race, you can hear the announcer say, “I know it’s gonna sound a little off, but actually, I’m putting my money on the Tesla on this one.” That comes just after he saw the Tesla do its first race, where it got a 10.48 second quarter-mile time.

In the second race, we can see the Mustang get an embarrassing head start, and still lose by a fair margin to the Tesla, after it catches up. When all was said and done, the white Model S Raven set a new record of 10.45 down the 1/4 Mile at Tulsa Raceway.

Hopefully as more race tracks open up across the country, we can see some even crazier times from modified Teslas.

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