Carbon Fiber Mud Flaps for a Tesla Model 3 Are Really the Best Accessories over Stock

I’ve been slowly customizing my Tesla Model 3 for over a month or so, and I’ve finally doubled down on the style I’m going for: carbon fibre accents over the factory white paint. So after a number of mods including 20×9 Royal Gold Signature sv303s wheels, Sport Coilovers and rear camber arms from Mountain Pass Performance, and like I mentioned, a number of carbon fiber bits like a CMST spoiler, there was one thing that really stood out.

I took a photo for our Instagram Page, and I couldn’t stop seeing the white plastic mudflaps that come from the factory. And yeah, I could just take them off, since we don’t get much rain, but when Mark at Electric Speed Design offered me some carbon fiber versions, how could I say no?

Compared to the beefy white mud flaps I had on before, these look amazing and went on really easily (according to Wilson at Parts3Express). And while there are other mud flaps on the market for less money, these are REAL carbon fiber which account for the $200+ price tag.

Once we get some rain or I find a really big puddle to drive through, I’ll report back on the performance, but right off the bat, I can tell you that the design definitely gives less drag than what I had before and did I say they look SO MUCH BETTER?



I’ll be posting some more photos soon onto Instagram, so make sure you give us a follow as I build my Model 3 and let me know what you think in the comments section below, as well as what I should do next.

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