Current Problems With The Tesla Model 3

It’s been months and months since the Tesla Model 3 was released, so some really detailed reviews are starting to leak onto the pages of YouTube. Most of these are crammed with positive thoughts, but you must allow for some negativity – especially towards a car company that is still in its infancy.

Like Tesla, a YouTube creator has uploaded the following video where she puts together her thoughts on what the Model 3 may be missing.

So, let’s summarise:


Without a screen or information display behind the steering wheel or in the same direction as the road you’re looking at, it’s very hard to view details like navigation or even your speed. To do this, you have to look over to the centre (only) screen which takes your attention away from the road.

Tesla says this is a simpler and cleaner layout, which it is, and much preferred when the car is self-driving. However a full autonomous Tesla Model 3 isn’t available, yet, so this leaves much to be desired in regards to a HUD. Even in autopilot you have to look at the screen to change your speed – a feature that isn’t overly appreciated by drivers.

Kim states that this could be difficult for new and inexperienced Tesla users, so wonders if autopilot could be released in stages like a video game. Once you pass a certain number of miles or amount of time using autopilot, the next, harder stage is unlocked. This way, new Tesla drivers can be eased in to it.

Few Physical Controls

Another issue with there being a simpler physical layout means that instead of rotating the stalk or pressing a button, you have to go into the menu system of the centre screen, which again, takes your eyes and attention away from the road and adds an extra level of complexity.

No Bird’s Eye View Camera

This feature comes standard on a lot of higher end cars these days. Even a Chevy Bolt comes with a bird’s eye view camera screen. The Model 3 sadly does not. It does possess reversing cameras, but with all the camera located around the car, you’d think it would be available. Maybe a software update is in store.

What would you improve on your Tesla Model 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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