How Much Is An Almost New Tesla Model 3 Worth At CarMax

With the Tesla Model 3s hitting the roads in force now, one of our favourite YouTubers decided to take his almost new $60,000 specimen to CarMax to see just how much (or little) they’d pay him for it. For those who don’t know, CarMax is the United State’s largest used-car retailer who will buy your car off you for cash after a quick valuation. And unlike most companies who do this, usually, their valuations aren’t too bad. Anyway, the video is below:

This Model 3 has about 100 miles on the clock (he literally bought it the day before the video was shot), and was worth on the lot, about  $59,866.50 including tax, registration etc.

After going through it with the valuation, they offered him $42,000 which is only $2,000 less than what the car was bought for not including registration etc. So, not bad at all!

Have you ever used CarMax? Let us know in the comments any experiences you’ve had with the company!

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