Video: Tesla Model X Tows 95,000lb Truck Across Snow and Ice

There’s nothing better than the instant torque of an electric motor. Could with the all-wheel drive of a Tesla Model X, and you have a proper pulling machine.

YouTube user Bjørn Nyland found this out when he attempted to tow a 95,000lb truck over the nasty conditions of snow and ice. The truck was set to neutral and the dual motor Model X P90D took to the haul with Nereus NS806 studless tires struggling to grip the frictionless surface.

To our surprise, the car actually managed to pull the Goliath-like truck and was perfectly able to keep at it once the truck had gained momentum. We’re sure the tyres helped massively, however, as did the heroic all-wheel drive system and instant torque of the Model X.

Saying that however, the YouTuber notes that this isn’t the first time a Model X has shown its strength and pulled a truck over these conditions. Bjørn says this:

“In that other video, it was done with the help of the semi, and the Model X had poor all-season tires not fit for snow and ice. I wanted to see if it was possible to pull a semi-trailer despite having slippery surface like ice and snow.”

Take from this what you will, but know that the Model X isn’t just a city crawler. It has some real ability behind its soft looks.

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