1,500HP VW Beetle EV Conversion Will Dominate All

Now, this isn’t the first ever VW Beetle EV conversion, and it seems to be a popular choice in the drag racing world. However, this might just been the fastest.

The 2013 VW Beetle, which has been recently been featured on The Late Brake Show YouTube channel, had the TDI Diesel engine swapped out for four Axial flux AC three-phase motors. The owners believed the continuous output of all of these motors combined was over 2,000 brake horsepower and that it would be able to go up to approximately 6,410 bhp when pushed on the drag strip. This is what the YouTube video suggested, however in the comments the owners have admitted that the calculations were done incorrectly and someone involved with the drive systems has said it is roughly 1,500 brake horse power, which is still extremely impressive.

The rest of the EV conversion comprised of a custom-built 22 kWh battery pack which was built by Current Racing. The battery pack can charge up to 20 kW via the CHAdeMO charger and has a maximum voltage of 800.

Although they haven’t properly tested the car yet, it is expected to be able to do a quarter-mile in just 7 seconds, which we are going to want to see!

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