Abandoned Tesla Roadsters Unearthed in China Make Grand U.S. Debut: What Lies Ahead?

Gruber Motor Company Welcomes Iconic Electric Roadsters After a 13-Year Slumber, Igniting Enthusiasm Among Tesla Aficionados

After a series of delays involving weather, customs agencies, and other logistical hurdles, the long-awaited arrival of the abandoned Tesla Roadsters in the United States has become a reality. The Gruber Motor Company, the organization responsible for overseeing the bidding process for these three original Roadster units, is now in possession of these iconic electric vehicles.

For months, we’ve been closely following the saga of these forgotten Roadsters. Pete Gruber, the CEO of Gruber Motor Company, confirmed that the units safely arrived in the United States earlier this week. Gruber and his team of engineers wasted no time and have already begun the meticulous examination of these historic vehicles.

In a statement posted on the company’s website, Pete Gruber expressed his excitement, saying, “THEY ARE HERE, unloaded 3 sea containers from China with a 45-ton crane. Next week, the Roadsters will be carefully removed, connected to laptops, diagnostics run, odometer readings recorded, and analyzed for main battery condition after 13 years of slumber. Stay tuned!”

Despite spending over a decade nestled inside shipping crates in China, these Roadsters have emerged in impeccable condition. Gruber offered insights into their current state, particularly focusing on VIN 1107: “Despite some PPF hiccups, it seems like the clear coat is still good! Tires from 2010, squeaky clean trunk latches, and a glimpse of aging PPF above the letters.”

However, not everything was untouched by the passage of time. Evidence of rodent mischief was discovered, with some electrical wiring suffering slight damage from mice and rats that had infiltrated the shipping containers during the vehicles’ 13-year slumber.

The Roadsters found themselves at the center of an auction managed by the Gruber Motor Company. Currently, the highest bid for the three units stands at an impressive $2 million. Nevertheless, the winning bidder encountered challenges in securing insurance coverage for these rare vehicles. Parts for the Roadsters were not readily available, prompting the bidder to consider leasing the units.

While the initial bidder did not proceed with the purchase due to insurance complications, there’s reason to believe that the auction for these remarkable cars will reignite in the coming months. With the Roadsters now in the United States and accessible for public viewing, it’s highly likely that they will attract a multitude of bids exceeding the $2 million mark. Enthusiasts and collectors are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to own a piece of Tesla’s history.

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