Audi Takes Aim At Tesla With Their Own EV Platform

Scootch over, Tesla; it seems Audi wants a piece of the EV pie now as well! In a press release today from Volkswagen (Audi’s parent company), it was revealed that they increasing their production capacity for electric vehicles.

VW is making electric motors a big part of their philosophy moving forward: “electric motors instead of internal combustion engines, batteries instead of fuel tanks.” This move comes on the cusp of Audi’s e-tron Quattro release, an electric SUV that boasts a 310-mile range.

In an additional move that should look familiar to Tesla fans, VW is launching a new plant in Brussels to transition from internal combustion engines to electric engines called the “E-Factory.” The E-Factory will produce the 95 kWh battery packs for the e-tron Quattro. The batteries will not be made in house but will be assembled at the plant. One of the battery specialists stated:

“We had to develop a whole series of new production technologies, all the way to automatic setting of the cell module into its mounts.”

When the e-tron Quattro was initially announced, Audi took aim at Tesla’s Model X by pointing out the superior range of the e-tron. There is no word yet on the price, but it’s Audi; you can bet it won’t be cheap.

SOURCE | Volkswagen

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