BMW Announces Electric 3-Series Sedans To Go Up Against the Model 3

With the production start of the Tesla Model 3 looming, it’s no surprise at all that BMW might be feeling the heat. It has long been rumored that the Model 3, if successful, will take a pretty big bite out of the 3 Series customer base. To avoid that possible scenario, BMW has taken matters into their own hands.

According to an article by Handelsblatt Global, BMW is planning on unveiling an electric version of its 3-Series line at the Munich Auto Show in September. The rumored EV is said to have a longer range than the Model 3:

“BMW will introduce an electric sedan model at Germany’s premier auto show in Munich in September with a range of at least 400 kilometers (248 miles), designed as a direct competitor to Tesla’s Model 3 sedan, Handelsblatt has learned from company sources.”

This move should come as no surprise since BMW had a major shift in its strategy to combat the ever growing EV market. If you can’t beat them, join them! BMW plans to have an electric version for all its current models.

The question now, then, is price. BMW isn’t actually renown for being a cheap automaker, but the entry level 320i actually sits at a price range pretty close to what the Model 3 is set to sell for ($35,000). If BMW can keep the price pretty close and offer more range, then it may have a worthy competitor on its hands, especially since the BMW name is very well established in the auto world.

The age of electric vehicles is truly upon us, and the competitor wars are just beginning!

SOURCE | Handelsblatt Global via BGR

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