The Boring Company Mock-Up Vehicles Revealed

Apart from Tesla, perhaps the one Elon Musk project that I am the most interested in is The Boring Company. I grew up in Los Angeles and currently live int he San Francisco Bay Area. If there can be an invention that can make daily traffic more bearable, then I am all for it. In fact, we needed something like this yesterday.

The Boring Company has a very simple philosophy; in order to alleviate traffic, roads needs to become 3D; either building up (flying cars) or down (tunneling). Musk has opted to build down, presenting a concept for a tunnel system below Los Angeles. This system would be virtually invisible to those on the roads above, and would also eliminate the issues with flying cars (weather problems, flying cars breaking down and falling on people, etc).

The concept is quite brilliant; you drive along the road and pull into a special spot on the surface level streets. These designated spots serve as skate-like platforms which lower your car to the tunnel le3vel below ground. After settling in the underground, the skates then attach to the tunnels’ tracks and fire along at up to 130 MPH with the cars attached. Once you reach your destination, you are simply raised back up to the street and you move along, freeing up the skate for the next traveler.

Recently, Musk unveiled some mock up designs to give some sense of what his system would look like. Included are a few images of a multi-person transport pod resembling a glass enclosed minibus, suggesting that the Boring project does involve a public transit component, or at least an option for those not using their cars.

SOURCE | Forbes

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