Tesla Dealership Tells Customer to Expect Model 3 in ‘2 months’

Mark this one under the heading of “Seriously?” but a Tesla rep has told a customer that the Model 3 will “arrive in 2 months in Mission Viejo, CA.” Obviously with the production of the Model 3 not even scheduled to begin until July, the “will arrive” part should be taken with a giant grain of salt, but this post does present some interesting information.

I’m going to assume Frank Domicolo on Facebook means that Model 3 orders/builds will open in two months, which is far more feasible than the Model 3 arriving in Tesla stores. Regardless, IF true, this should finally give all of us a concrete look at all the features available on the Model 3 without relying on employee leaks. I personally cannot wait to jump online and start building my Model 3, so I’m hoping this is true (which is probably isn’t).

Now granted, this post could be chalked up to a bunch of hot air, or a simple misunderstanding. Have you ever been to a Best Buy and had an employee spout a bunch of nonsense at you, and you think to yourself “What is this person talking about? He/she has no clue what they’re saying!” This could very well be one of those situations, so again I want to implore you to keep that in mind when reading this piece.

The Tesla Model 3 is slated to begin production this July at the Fremont, CA factory and is expected to 215+ miles of range and a 0-60 MPH time of 5.6 seconds. Other premium features include Autopilot, an optional glass roof (no word yet on solar roofs), and coil suspension. The Model 3 will have about half the Model S’ trunk space and will require paid Supercharging (unless you obtain a referral code from a current Tesla owner).

Since this information doesn’t come with a whole ton of evidence to support it, I’m going to wait until Tesla makes their official announcement. However, what if Mr. Frank Domicolo heard correctly and the employee simply let some classified information slip? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to start building our Model 3s so soon?

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