BYD Tang Launches in Europe Increasing Chinese Competition in Crucial EV Market

We’ve previously covered the situation regarding Chinese electric cars starting to arrive in Europe, and the likes of Renault trying to raise the alarm on the increasing competition. Well, unfortunately for them, BYD has launched its Tang electric SUV in Norway, and will soon be coming to the rest of Europe.

The Tang is an affordable e-SUV, with a sizable 82.8 kWh battery pack. BYD say the range on the Tang is an impressive 300 miles. Considering the 260,000 Yuan, $36,000 USD, or 350,000 Krone cost of the vehicle, that’s very compelling.

Now, in fairness, protectionism has its ups and downs. Chinese EVs can provoke European and American car manufactures into making decent competitors. Norway is the most electrified car market in the world, and thus acts as a canary in the coal mine for the other countries.

Germany, France, and the UK are all looking at Corona response efforts that incentivize EV sales with whopping reimbursements. It will be absolutely critical for them to tie these incentives to locally produced vehicles, if they want to shelter their own economies.

As for BYD, I’m sure their cars are surprisingly well-made, and am excited for affordable options to help transition the world away from fossil-fuels, especially China’s domestic drivers. On the other hand, I don’t want to see more shuttered or bought-up European companies, because variety is important.

BYD will start manufacturing in November and Norwegian deliveries will start a couple of months later, in the beginning of 2021.

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