Check Out This Modified Tesla Model Y By Unplugged Performance

Unplugged Performance has always been one of our favourite tuning shops, offering a number of modifications for each Tesla model. Now, with Model Y customer deliveries quickly taking place, they grabbed one as quickly as possible and quickly strapped on a set of their lowering springs. It turns out that a bit of lowering makes the Model Y look better than ever.

“We have developed the ultimate lowering springs for Tesla Model Y,” the company said. “Our proprietary Dual-Rate Linear technology delivers the best performance in terms of handling, comfort, aerodynamics and of course sporty looks! Our first release — Moderate Springs provide sports car handling, a lower stance, and increased range all without sacrifice to daily comfort.”

It arguably handles a little better over the stock model thanks to a slightly lower centre of gravity. But if you’re buying a Y just for the extra ground clearance over the sedan-style Model 3 and think this defies the objective of the car, then don’t worry. Unplugged Performance will also be releasing a set called “mild springs”. This is what they say about it.

“Our upcoming second release — Mild Springs provide a comfort-focused ride for those who want a more luxurious ride without reducing ground clearance for off-road use.”

We’re unsure as to whether they will increase cornering performance, but they will more than likely tidy up and excess roll while still maintaining that initial compression.

The kit will cost $385, and will join the endless other kits available for other Tesla models on their website.

Let us know if you’re liking the upgrade in the comments below…

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