Some Of the Coolest Modded Teslas Out There

A car company like Tesla that sells their cars they way they do is not something that is aftermarket friendly. I own a Mustang and I can shut my eyes, throw a rock in any direction, and hit a Mustang aftermarket company. Modding something like a Mustang is incredibly easy; the hardest decision to make is which company’s product I should use.

This make things even more impressive when I see a crazily modded Tesla car. That’s when you know someone got really creative and really brave with their car, all in the name of uniqueness. Some of these Teslas involve nothing more than some reflective tape. Some involve completely new paint jobs. Some even get some aero additions added to the car through various performance shops. Either way, these modded Teslas are certainly looking good!

Thank you to Business Insider for the heads up on these cars! For the full list, check out the link at the end of the article.

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An actual living, breathing Tron car!

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I have actually seen this one around, and it is awesomely colorful!

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Not a fan of these wheels, which that certainly doesn’t stop Will.I.Am from giving his Tesla a unique look!

I don’t see anything here; just a parking lot (bad camo joke). Here’s a wrap job commissioned by Tesla to honor veterans on Memorial Day.

Credit: YouTube EVANNEX

Considering this is Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame, I’m actually impressed at how subdued his mods are. It’s quite understated and classy, to say the least.

CREDIT: Unplugged Performance

I absolutely love this entirely new front end by Unplugged Performance. It gives the Model S a much more aggressive and sportier look overall; almost like its shedding its luxury status and grabbing onto its sportier side instead.

CREDIT: Unplugged Performance

At first glance, I thought this was a Scion TC. Unplugged Performance added a rear decklid spoiler to give the car a sportier look and better aerodynamics. It’s nice to see something that doesn’t have a giant wing on it.

This si perhaps my favorite one of the bunch. i love flat and satin paint jobs, and with blue being my favorite color, I am absoutely floored by how good this looks.

CREDIT: Van der Lans

The only thing that came to mind when I saw this Tesla hearse was “Oh my.”

SOURCE | Business Insider

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