Did The Tesla Model 3 Kill the Lexus GS?


In a very quick turn of events, Lexus have gone and cancelled their entire GS mid-sized sedan lineup. Just days after proclaiming their latest model the GS350 F Sport, which hasn’t hit production yet, the greatest yet. Why would Lexus do this? Well we think it’d because of the Tesla Model 3, eating it’s lunch!

It’s not exactly a secret that the Model 3 is the new cool kid at the school lunchroom. Both the small and mid-sized sedan segments have been absolutely trounced by Tesla’s first affordable car in the Q1 of this year. Where Lexus actually holds the second place position according to the figures, it’s their ES model that people are choosing to buy. The GS doesn’t even make the list.

In Q1 of 2020, Lexus sold just over 600 GS sedans, while Tesla sold just over 76,000 Model 3 and Ys.

It has been a slow decline for the GS line, with rumors of the incoming axe circulating around the time that Ford cut its sedans. It does seem to hold true there is some truth in every rumor.

While the world wakes up to the advantages of an accessible EV, the more sensible, well-made ICE cars will be the most at risk. Lexus as a brand represents the most reliable and luxurious cars that Toyota can manufacture but in 2020 anyone looking for a better Toyota… buys a Tesla.

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