This Is What Happens When You Jump Out Of A Tesla Using Autopilot

Chikichu, A young Youtube meme-lord, recently uploaded a video experiment regarding the limits of Tesla’s new Autopilot update. He donned an all-white sciency outfit, complete with some fresh AF1s, and jumped behind the front seat of a Model 3. The objective of his mission: see if Autopilot would continue driving down the road, even if the driver left the vehicle.

We’ve all been there, driving along, thinking to ourselves,” I’d quite like to just step out, but really don’t want to stop the car.” Well, with advancements in modern technology, your least sensible dreams are starting to become reality.

Lately there have been many posts about whether or not Teslas can handle certain driving conditions without freaking out. Those sorts of questions are important and interesting in their own right. However, disregard all those less-than-scientific studies. All that we care about now is the revival of ghostriding the whip. Perhaps this new variation should be called “Ghost-In-The-Shell riding the whip?”

Honestly, it’s a massive shock that the seats don’t detect a lack of weight, and disengage Autopilot. The low relative speed could be a reason, as many people often unbuckle in heavy traffic, to grab something just out of reach.



Of course, by sharing this video we risk drawing the focus of Tesla-haters to the joys of AI, and the last thing we want is a news feeding frenzy. Anyone who can remember the hysteria surrounding the original rap-inspired ghostriding, saw that it can do more harm than good for this to gain publicity.

That being said, as long as your pal rides shotgun with his foot near the brake, you should be set. Of course, we aren’t advocating you try this… but we are advocating you pick up a pair of black Air Forces. You know, for discretion.


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