Einride and Lidl Grocery Deploying Full EV And Soon Autonomous Trucks


In a joint press-release, Swedish Truck company, Einride, and Lidl Grocery, have announced plans to start EV freight-routes in Stockholm this year. This development will precede their inevitable move to fully-autonomous and electric logistics by 2025.

Einride, is the world’s first company to successfully operate an autonomous and fully-electric freight vehicle on public roads. Their Freight Mobility Platform, which manages the planning and execution of transport, was engineered for all sorts of vehicles, with a focus on driverless EVs. This engine caught the attention of Lidl in 2017 when the two partnered to rid the grocer of all greenhouse emissions in the coming decade.

The transport solutions of the future are no longer simply pipe dreams. -Jonas Hernlund, CCO of Einride.

This advancement happening in Sweden is no coincidence, since the country has legislative plans of reducing emissions by 40% before 2035. Lidl has been a leader in this initiative, cutting their carbon footprint at an impressive pace.

At Lidl, we intend to be the industry leader for sustainable and completely fossil-free transport by 2025. To enable this, we will now begin the transition to fully electric transport together with Einride. -Carl Ceder, Logistics Manager of Lidl Sweden.

Lidl anticipates the first electric freight deliveries to be made to their stores in October of this year. It’s expected the first deliveries will be made with more traditional looking trucks, then slowly their science-fiction looking platform will start to supplement that fleet.

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