European Tesla Owners Warned Of Another Price Increase

Tesla owners in Europe have been warned of Supercharger price increases coming in across the continent.

The EV maker has indicated to owners that this is due to the energy crisis in Europe, and this is after many other price hikes across the Supercharger network throughout the year.

Electric vehicles have been becoming much more popular over the last few year, with the savings on fuel costs as well as lower maintenance costs without the servicing of the internal combustion engine. However,  over the last year, the price of fuel has gone through the roof and so has electricity.

Europe has seen a significant increase in electricity prices due to the current war between Russia and Ukraine that has led to restrictions to oil and gas supplies from Russia.

Before the price increases, Tesla owners were looking at about $5 to $10 to fully charge the EV at a Tesla Supercharger. Now, after the recent price inflations that have happened this year, it costs the user $0.50 per kWh which means it would be roughly $30 to charge 60 kWh.

Now Tesla owners have received an emailed from the company giving them notice of another big increase in the prices across the European Supercharger network. The email states:

“Due to an increase in energy prices, we are adjusting Supercharging pricing across Europe.”

Although the specific price increase will vary slightly from station to station, it is rumoured that it is going to be difficult to charge at the Supercharger stations for less than $0.60 per kWh.

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