Flying Tesla Copycats Didn’t Wait Long To Add Fire

It’s been less than two weeks since YouTuber Alex Choi filmed a driver jumping his Tesla somewhere in the LA Elysian Heights area. This driver, who turned out to be renting the Tesla, fled from the scene after causing damage to a car and some bins. Now, it looks as though copycat drivers are coming out of the woodwork with the most recent jumping their own car over a line of fire across the road.

Uploaded by the YouTuber AriandCars, someone known for capturing illegal street drifting, it’s unknown as to who is behind the wheel of the car, but the channel is planning to upload the full video later today. We can’t quite make out the make and model of the car, but it’s not an EV and looks to be a crossover/SUV. Potentially a BMW judging by the kidney bean grille.

See the original video below, although it is age restricted so you’ll have to watch on YouTube to get access to it:

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