Tesla To Open Its UK Superchargers To Every Single Electric Vehicle

Tesla is reportedly bringing its Supercharger network to all electric vehicle owners in the UK imminently.

The company did a trial run of this in the Netherlands in November 2021 where they made it possible for electric vehicles that are not Teslas could use the Superchargers with the Tesla app.

At the time, Tesla said that it was planning on bringing these tests to wider areas. It was announced in January that the program was coming to stations across France and Norway.

The UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, Trudy Harrison, explained that this will be seen shortly across the Supercharger stations in the UK.

Harrison explained:

“Tesla recognise that they are part of the solution here

She added that the move was:

“Within weeks and months rather than years”.

There has been an uplift in electric vehicle sales in the UK over the last year, with Tesla taking the lead spot. Tesla claims that it plans to use the profits from other EV owners to make this available at more stations.

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