General Motors Looking To ‘Beat Tesla’ In Electric Van Market

Don’t you love a bit of exaggerated competition? General Motors sure seems to, when they announce that that are looking to “beat Tesla to market” with their own electric van, aimed at commercial deliveries.

That sounds great, especially considering how Tesla has no plans as of yet to release an electric van, but several other companies do.

Namely, British company Arrival, which has a partnership with delivery giant UPS, and Rivian, which has an order for 100,000 electric vans from Amazon.

Other than those already relatively established E-Van competitors, there are also the Nissan electric van, and Mercedes eSprinter van. In essence, GM has called-out the only company that isn’t already competing in that segment, while overlooking all of the other firms it should be worrying about.

GM has been especially bullish of late on their electrification goals. They say that their Ultium powertrain and battery system will lead the company towards full electrification, meaning no ICE cars, by 2030. Although the pandemic has slowed the rollout of their Hummer and Cadillac EVs (or not, depending on when you ask them), they still intend on expanding into new segments.

When you consider how Amazon and UPS are already in some form of partnership with EV producers, it begs the question of who GM could still partner with. FedEx and the USPS, or just small businesses could offer plenty of potential orders.

With the Nissan and Mercedes far ahead of them, will GMs reported late-2021 release date be soon enough?

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