Grohmann Engineering To Drop All Other Clients And Focus On Model 3 Production

Tesla acquired Grohmann Engineering last year, but the transition hasn’t been the smoothest. Just a few weeks after the buyout, Klaus Grohmann, the company’s founder, left according to a recent headquarters visit by Tesla co-founder and Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel.

In addition to losing their founder, Grohmann announced that they will drop all their other clients, of which there are several automakers, and focus solely on Tesla Model 3 production. In addition to Tesla, some of Grohmann’s other clients include BMW and Daimler:

“We have practically all the big automotive manufacturers as our clients. We also have the semiconductor producers as clients, as well as significantly large companies in the field of bio-automation and life science.”

Initially following the acquisition of Grohmann, Elon Musk suggested that they would be open to continuing a working relationship with existing clients if anything to at least complete the current contracts:

“There are a number of existing automotive clients for Grohmann and we will, of course, honor those contracts and try to be as useful as we can to the industry as a whole in transitioning to clean energy mobility.”

However, according to a recent article by Sudwestrundfunk, it appears that Tesla intends to end all relationship between Tesla Advanced Automation Germany and any outside clients in order to focus on Model 3 production.

In response, over 100 workers at Grohmann have decided to unionize in order to pass a labor agreement for a compensation increase of 150 euros per month. If the situation continues to develop, Tesla may be looking at a possible delay on Model 3 production.

SOURCE | Electrek

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