Haas F1 Team Outwit Tesla in a Hilarious Social Media Twist

The recent Austrian GP was inundated with penalties handed down by Race Control, a situation that the Haas F1 Team’s social media squad spun into a clever jest, taking the chance to draw a parallel with Elon Musk’s Tesla-backed Twitter restrictions.

Among the penalised drivers, Haas’s own Kevin Magnussen found his time burdened with an additional five seconds, prompting a quick-witted response from Haas’s social media handlers. Race Control, seeming to possess an almost hawk-like vigilance, mirrored the recent restrictive changes on Twitter, masterminded by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, which set a daily limit on the number of posts a user can view.

Displaying a sharp sense of humour, Haas’s social media team responded to this dual-fronted limitation by sharing a mock Twitter screenshot labelled ‘Track limit exceeded’. Accompanied by a satirical caption:

“Lap 67/71: Unfortunately Kevin is handed a five-second penalty.”

The comedic spirit continued as the team added a self-reply to their initial tweet, amusingly noting,

“Hopefully some of you had enough tweets left today to see this…”

There have been rumours since that the reason that some Twitter users are limited is due to the company not keeping up with server bills. However, this has not been confirmed.

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