Hacker ‘Green’ Spills The Beans On Tesla’s Model Y Extra Upgrades

A leak from Tesla’s software reveals a line up of extra upgrades to its less-than-a-year electric SUV Model Y. Hacker “Green” speculated Tesla is adding an efficiency package for Model Y.

Just a month ago, Tesla announced additional range enhancements for both Model Y versions. The Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual mother increased from 316 miles to 325 miles while Tesla Model Y performance raised from 291 miles to the current’s 303 miles or higher. 

These improvements came out along with the official launched of Model 3’s 2021 refresh range and features. Model 3’s range was higher compared to its newer counterpart Model Y.

The older electric sedan got a bigger range increase than the bigger but younger Model Y.

Tesla hacker “Green” shared on Twitter that the company is working on extra upgrades based on the latest Tesla firmware update.

The efficiency package is allegedly similar to the previous leak improvements for Model 3. However, the so-called efficiency package for Model 3 never materialized. Instead, Model 3 comes out with an increased range coverage with an 82 kWh battery pack with battery cells.

The software leak is yet to be confirmed but many speculated a range boost is likely to happen just like Model Y’s predecessor Model 3.

Tesla Reporter’s Opinion

The vagueness of Green’s statement for another efficiency package might be linked not only to the software. It seems this extra upgrade can only be optimized with upgraded and enabled hardware.

Model Y owners could definitely take advantage of this higher range coverage when the new software update is released.

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