Head Of Autopilot Software Quits In Less Than 6 Months

Chris Lattner, the head of Tesla’s Autopilot software, has quit the company in less than six months since joining. Taking over his spot will be Jim Keller, head of the Autopilot hardware team, and a new hire.

A Tesla spokesperson stated:

“Chris just wasn’t the right fit for Tesla, and we’ve decided to make a change. We wish him the best”

Lattner himself also stated in a tweet:

To replace Lattner (and to work alongside Jim Keller), Tesla hired Andrej Karpathy, formerly a research scientist at OpenAI. Karpathy will be the director of artificial intelligence and the Tesla Vision team, while Keller will take overall responsibility for autopilot hardware and software.

In a statement sent to Electrek, Tesla gave us some clues as to what Karpathy can bring to the table:

“Andrej Karpathy, one of the world’s leading experts in computer vision and deep learning, is joining Tesla as Director of AI and Autopilot Vision, reporting directly to Elon Musk. Andrej has worked to give computers vision through his work on ImageNet, as well as imagination through the development of generative models, and the ability to navigate the internet with reinforcement learning. He was most recently a Research Scientist at OpenAI.

Andrej completed his computer vision PhD at Stanford University, where he demonstrated the ability to derive complex descriptions of images using a deep neural net. For example, identifying not simply that there is a cat in a given picture, but that it is an orange, spotted cat, riding on a skateboard with red wheels on brown hardwood flooring ( He also created and taught “Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition,” the first and still leading deep learning course at Stanford.”

SOURCE | Reuters

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