Hispano Suiza Makes First US Delivery With Bespoke Carmen Boulogne Electric Hypercar

Boutique Spanish automaker, Hispano Suiza, has made its first delivery in the US at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida. The car is a Carmen Boulogne hypercar and not only is it all-electrix, it’s completely bespoke as well and only five are being made. 

Founded in 1904, the automaker produced luxury cars, trucks, aircraft engines, and even weapons in the early years.


About ten years ago, the brand made a return honing in on the ultra-luxurious market, creating supercars designed and made as one-off, bespoke cars.

Interest really started picking up in 2019 hen the company released the Hispano Suiza Carmen. They only plan to make 24 of these, each one being bespoke to the owner.

Car collector, Michael Fux, has purchased the first Carmen Boulogne in the US. The hypercar has been fully customised to Fux’s wants, with around 1,904 customisable parts to choose from.

The paint work was actually inspired by Fux’s favourite flower. He sent the flower to Spain to make sure the design team got the exact right colour. Moving inside, you will see it is cover we’d in Birkigt White leather. The car gives Fux 1,114 hp from four electric motors.

Obviously, having such a bespoke car means the price varies a lot. It is thought this particular one would have been over $2 million.

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